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What is Employer Branding?
Employer Branding is the concept of how a company actively works with its brand from an employer’s perspective. The ultimate goal is an employer that has as many satisfied and loyal employees as possible, creating a positive outward reputation as an attractive place to work and build a career.

How it works
Every company is competing to attract the best talents. Therefore, we know how important it is to stand out as an attractive employer and to be the first choice for top talents. On today’s market the candidates is in charge, and it’s more important than ever for brands to be visible in the right way.

Our services
Using native advertising articles in which your employees share their views on you as an employer and the career opportunities they feel you have to offer, you build your employer brand. We build you a custom and modern multimedia landing pages from these articles with video, pictures, and text. In combination with your success story articles on social media, spread via the same targeting platform as used on our Social Recruiting platform, we help you build your employer brand to the exact target market and demographic most relevant to you.

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