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Jobtip has long helped its clients with Employer Branding. Here, in the form of experienced communicators, copywriters and marketers, experts are building a Careers Page with associated campaigns that are directed on social media.

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If a company feels that they find it difficult to attract a particular type of professional group, the career side acts as an extended arm to the business's own website. Jobtip is a specialist in finding the essence of every business culture. By analyzing what a specific profession thinks is attractive, Jobtip can highlight the right content and adapt the Career Page accordingly.

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The importance of a strong
Employer Brand

Organizations today spend a lot of money on marketing themselves and acquiring new customers. However, they forget all the more often to put the most important and cost-effective agent to be seen at the heart – their employees. Investing in Employer Branding makes both the right employees and the right customers attracted.

For businesses that invest heavily in their Employer Brand, it is important to boast fun events that are taking place. It can be anything from when they win a prize, to some fun trip that they make together. Simple said – as an employer, you should not be afraid to show off the inside, as it is the inside that shows the culture of the business.

How does it work?

Employer Branding
in practice

The key to a good Employer Brand is to understand your own brand and highlight its employees by creating commitment to the organization – as well as internally and externally. It is important that employees feel proud that they can be part of the business, which in turn makes them want to be ambassadors who can pass on the good reputation. It is the case that potential candidates have the ability to listen more to equal employees than managers about why they should go to an organisation.

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