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Jobtip Social Recruiting

Jobtip Social Recruiting uses customized and carefully targeted ads specific to a certain group of people on social media platforms. You reach potential candidates where they are, regardless if they are actively or passively seeking new employment opportunities.

How we target

Jobtip Facebook App

Your own Career Portal, directly on Facebook!
With the Jobtip Facebook Application, all your open positions are shown directly on your company’s own existing Facebook page, where potential candidates have a clear overview of all your job opportunities.

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Jobtip Retargeting

Jobtip Retargeting uses customized ads that are only seen by candidates that have visited your Jobtip Social Recruiting landing page, but not yet applied. Jobtip Retargeting makes sure they get a reminder to get their name in the hat.

What are the benefits?

The Power of Jobtip Referrals

– Reach out to your demographic’s own personal networks!

The most effective recruitments happen via personal networks. The best matches between employer and employee often are created through referrals and recommendations.

Everyone who sees your ad won’t apply or be an ideal candidate. That’s why Jobtip Referrals gives them the opportunity to simply and easily recommend other people they think could be a perfect match. At Jobtip, it’s a given that people who make a successful recommendation should be rewarded. If a Jobtip Referral leads to a successful employment, a Jobtip Referral Reward is our way of saying thanks. Jobtip Referral’s standard rewards are the latest models of  iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone.

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