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Jobtip Social Recruiting

Jobtip Social Recruiting means customizing ads and targeting them at a carefully selected and specific group of people on social media platforms. This means you reach potential candidates wherever they are, regardless if they are actively or passively seeking new opportunities. With Jobtip Social Recruiting, you take the job offer directly to the candidates and reach relevant people on the platforms they use most.

How We Target
Fewer than 16% of Facebook and Instagram users submit professional or job related information in their personal profiles. At the same time, over 70% of the population is active and spends over an hour a day on these social media platforms. Unlike Facebook or Instagrams own ad-targeting tools, Jobtip Social Recruiting has a custom built solution that can retrieve secondary source information across other major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as other digital sources, such as Google and other web pages. This allows Jobtip Social Recruiting to deliver an unparalleled demographic accuracy not available elsewhere.

What this means is that Jobtip Social Recruiting can reach potential candidates that have not submitted their professions, current or previous employers, or educational backgrounds on Facebook or Instagram, because Jobtip Social Recruiting retrieves information from secondary sources. In this way, Jobtip Social Recruiting is able to reach a much higher percentage of the potential candidate demographic than anyone else.


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