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Terms of use

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This document contains information regarding how Jobtip AB treats your personal information when you use the services provided by Jobtip.

Jobtip develops software that provides job seekers (furthermore referred to as candidate/-s) the possibility to apply for a position with an employer (the term is interchangeable with the customer). For a candidate, this means that Jobtip is not ultimately responsible for the candidates’ personal information. Because of this Jobtip acts as a personal data processor for the customer whom would like to use Jobtips’ services. It is the customer whom ultimately acts as the personal data controller.

For information not contained in this document regarding how a candidates’ data will be managed, please consult the company that would be the employer when an application is made. Jobtip AB will handle your personal information while the recruitment process is in progress.

Data Processor

The data processor is the actor that assists another company in processing the personal data information. Jobtip is a data processor for the employer that a candidate chooses to apply for. Because Jobtip develops software for recruitment, they have to treat personal data information to deliver this to the employer.

Data Controller

The data controller is the company that ultimately will be handling the applying candidate’s personal data information. There exists a contract between the employing company and Jobtip AB to ensure both parties that the applying candidate’s personal data information is treated according to the laws and regulations that apply in regards to personal data information and sensitive information.

Important to note is that the data controller could apply a different policy in how to treat the applying candidate’s personal information. Jobtip AB is compliant only with what is included in this document.

What information does Jobtip store?

For a candidate to apply to a company of their choice, Jobtip reserves the right to store information regarding the candidate’s professional experience, education, résumé and personal letter. These documents could hold information such as:

  • Name
  • Email adress
  • Phone number
  • Links to social media profiles (such as LinkedIn)
  • Personal information (provided by the applicant voluntarily in these documents)

For how long is the data stored?

Jobtip AB has made an approximation on how long a recruitment process could take and found that six (6) months are typical. Therefore Jobtip reserves the right to store the personal data information of an applicant for six (6) months. After this period the information is automatically deleted. In certain cases, Jobtip can send an email with the applicant’s contact information to the responsible recruiter to prove that an application has been made. All emails containing applicants contact information are automatically deleted after 90 days.

What rights do applicants and employers have over the information?

The applying candidate reserves the right to edit or have their information deleted upon request. The employing company reserves the right to deleted applicants’ information.

After having provided contact information, the applicant will receive an email that details how to change or delete your personal data information. The email also states how to break the agreement regarding how Jobtip treats the applicants’ personal data information. The applicant reserves the right to:

  • Access the stored personal data information
  • Have incorrect personal data information changed
  • Have personal data information deleted
  • Decline that personal data information is used for automated decision making and profiling
  • Have personal data information relocated (data portability)

What will happen to the data after it has been collected?

Upon receiving an application Jobtip AB will store the applicants’ personal data information. In certain cases, an email containing the applicants’ contact information will be sent to the respective employer as a reminder that an application has been made. When the application period is over the employer will also receive a summary of applicants which contain the applying candidates’ names and contact information.

All personal data information is stored in Jobtips system which is searchable. The only person with access to the information is the person responsible for the customer relationship with the company which was applied to and personnel working for Jobtip with specialized technical expertise. All the information stored are encrypted to increase security. All information is protected by a username and password. All the information are stored within the EU.