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80 percent of employees are currently considering changing jobs if the right opportunity emerges. What could then be better than displaying your job ad in the just-before-bed-surf or the having-a-break-at-work-surf. Book a free demo today and we will tell you more about how you can find your next golden candidate.


  • You reach 85% of the target audience
  • Only relevant candidates
  • Recruitment Ads in Social Media

We take the job to the candidates and reach both active and passive jobseekers!

Satisfied customers who have chosen Jobtip

“We had an amazing experience with Jobtip. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants to upgrade their job advertising. ”

Julia Blomström Kappahl

“I found my current position via an ad from Jobtip. When it comes to recruitment of people who are passive job seekers and difficult positions, I believe that this is surely the right way to go. ”

Helen Hildeberg LRF Konsult

“We have used Jobtip as an extended arm for positions for which is difficult to get applications. Thanks to that we have reached more candidates with the right qualifications which have been great ”

Julia Karlberg Postnord
and another 2,000 customers in Europe